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Australian Series Land Rover Ads.

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    Wash the car this weekend - leftWash the car this weekend - right

    Left: (36Kb) "Wash The Car This Weekend" Left hand page from a 2-page spread. Reprinted from Aug/Sep 1976 Australian Overlander magazine.

    Right: (35Kb) "Wash The Car This Weekend" Right hand page from the 2-page spread. I've been told there is another similar advert called  "Mow The Lawn This Weekend." You can guess the rest.

    Some luxury vehicles are more fun to wash

    Left: (28Kb)"Some Luxury Vehicles Are More Fun To Wash Than Others" I wonder from where Jeep got this idea? Admittedly, a Series Landie could hardly be called a luxury vehicle. Reprinted from December 1996 Australian Overlander magazine.

    I'm still working on this page. More will be coming when I find some more interesting adverts. Don't forget to check the other adverts for Discos, Rangies, Defenders and, of course, Freelanders. If you know of any humourous ads, I'd be interested in seeing them.


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