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    Front view Aussie SAS LR Aus SAS LR side view Left (27Kb) and Right (12Kb): Note the similarity to the British SAS "Pink Panthers" The most obvious difference is the spare wheel placement and the lack of the splayed smoke grenade launch tubes. Weren't they meant to be driven at night?
    According to the accompanying article in Overlander magazine Feb/Mar 1978, these Rovers had the chassis lengthened at the front to carry jerry cans of water (I guess behind the spare wheels) in addition to the visible water jerry cans beside the soldiers. In total, they carried 160 litres of water because they would be operating in the dry northern Australia. The total fuel capacity was 360 litres in fuel tanks, not jerry cans.
    They were fitted with a PTO winch at the front. Armament was the crew's usual automatic weapons plus a M60 7.62mm machine gun on mounts over the bonnet (the hood in US), or .30 calibre machine guns in the rear.

    LR Game SWB SW Left: (20Kb)The Australian Land Rover Game. Yes, folks, this is how they came out of the Factory in Australia - a bright yellow SWB station wagon with wide Sunraysia white spoke wheels and a bull bar. You can just make out the word "Game" on the bottom of the front mudguard [wing (Britain) or fender (US)]. Photo stolen off Just 4x4's classified magazine Feb 1997.

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