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    RR Turbo D John Davis MotorWorks Bush Rangie
  • (Left) John Davis MotorWorks Bush Rangie (33Kb)
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    Left: (18Kb) A friend of mine, the late John Ryves on Norfolk Island, owned this Defender being delivered and about to be hoisted off this lighter some years ago. Because there is no harbour or dock at Norfolk Island, everything is off-loaded from freighters into these lighters then towed into the island. Norfolk Island is roughly half-way from Australia to Fiji, and roughly halfway between New Zealand and New Caledonia (photo: John Ryves)

    Left: (7Kb) Australian Freighter Industries "Imp" circa 1956. A contender for Aussie manufacture and supply to the Australian Army. Allegedly lost out to the Land Rover due to a political decision (photo from Overlander 4WD July 1997)

    Land Rover Sea RoverLeft: (11Kb) "Sea Rover" Fully amphibious, turbocharged Bedford diesel engine, max water speed 6 knots, max road speed 95kph. (photo from Overlander 4WD November 1991)

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