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    rons 83 Rangie

    Right (19Kb): My first Rangie, an Aspen Silver 1983 4-speed manual, ARB front bar, BWA mags. A lovely car when bought and sold (because my wife broke her left foot and couldn't operate the clutch anymore). A much softer riding car than the '86 model below albeit with more body roll.

    Above Left (12Kb): : Photo taken at Menai, Sydney on the Toyota LC Club 4WD training course (I joined with an FJ55 - below)

    rons 86 Rangie

    Left (17Kb): My second Rangie - a Caspian Blue 1986 Auto (purchased in 1996), later fitted with an ARB front winch bar instead of the alloy bar shown. ARBed on the back as well. Great for towing car trailers with Hillman's on the back (after all, that's why the 4WD was bought although now its main recreational use ended up being for camping and off-road). Nick-named " The Last Aquila" because of a label found under the dash. According to Rover, Aquila was the code name for introduction the EFI Rangie known as the Highline in Australia (as opposed to the low line standard Range Rover) and the Vogue in Britain. Land Rover Traceability have advised that mine was not the last one off the production line. It was made on 17 Sept 1986, 2 weeks before the 1987 model started on 1 Oct 1986.

    Ron's 95 Rangie

    Left (49Kb): My third Rangie - an Alpine White 1995 4.6 HSE Auto (purchased second hand in 2002).   A lovely car to drive - quiet and comfortable with an excellent stereo system - but somewhat more expensive to maintain. I purchased it already converted to dual fuel (petrol/LPG).



    Ron's '84 110 County

    Left (88Kb): My first real Land Rover - an Alpine White 1984 3.5 litre 4-speed manual (purchased second hand in 2005).   I was the third owner. The first was Jaguar Rover Australia (an staff member's company car), then it was owned by an ex-colleague in OTC/Telstra who owned it for 18 years. A totally different car to drive from the HSE which is still my daily driver. Fairly comfortable but not quiet - but a lot less expensive to maintain. Regrettably, I made the mistake of selling it after about 12 months ownership and getting it set up quite nicely for touring/camping. I'm still kicking myself.

    Ron's son, Lee and his flooded FJ55

    Left (9Kb): My first 4WD - a Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55 after I sold it to my (then) 17 y.o. son. He hydraulicked the motor and it never went again. He tried to cross a flooded river at night. The PTO winch didn't help here! 

    Photo taken at Emu Plains, Sydney on (in?) the Nepean River

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