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Hillman HE Hunter

Left: (16Kb) My Hunter Royal 660 which I bought new in in Carnarvon, Western Australia in 1971. Originally called the Hunter GT, these cars were the Australian version of the Humber Sceptre but with a different grille and were called Hillmans. The British GT, at least in its early form, wasn't as well equipped as the Australian GT which were the top of the line Hillmans. The Royal name was applied to a number of Chryslers over the years in Australia. The 660 also fits with Chrysler Australia's naming. They had a Chrysler Valiant 770 at the time. These Hillmans are equipped with the alloy head twin carb GT engine, burl walnut wood dash with full instrumentation, power assisted disc brakes, head rests, reclining seats etc. For the period, they were very well equipped. (This photo taken when I had alloy wheels fitted - sorry!)

In addition to the standard Hunters, the HE model range (the HE had small rectangular headlights. The HC had large rectangular lights like the British models) included the following Australian specific models: the Royal, the Royal 660 and the Hustler Sedans. The estate or station wagon was called the Safari.

HE Hunter rear view

Left: Rear view of my 1971 Hillman HE Hunter Royal 660  Was this rear end styling treatment used on any British Hunters? I believe it to be Australian-specific. Tell me on Yes, I know, the beaver panel on a 660 should be the same metallic grey colour as the in-fill at the rear and the lower rear quarter panels. The spray painter forgot to do it when I had it resprayed. Standard Hunters are not grey metallic in these areas.(21Kb)

Right: Front view of my 1971 HE Hillman Hunter Royal 660. The black grille, driving lights and alloy wheels are non-standard. The normal wheels for this model are the ROStyle wheels (but made in Australia by ROH Wheels. They are not the Rubery Owen or Dunlop models used on UK cars). The Royal 660 was the top-of-the-line model Hunter.  (16Kb)

Note this model Hunter didn't have Hillman written anywhere on it. Nor did it have Chrysler although it did have the Chrysler Pentastar on the bottom of the front left mudguard (wing or fender for overseas readers).

hh_trim_s.jpg - 1837 Bytes The dashboard shown is that used on the Royal 660 and its predecessor, the GT. I should have removed that street directory before taking the photo! Interestingly, the 660 (and the GT), are thinly disguised Humber Sceptres. The only difference appears to be in the front end treatment, viz., a different grille and headlights. The bonnet mascot and the chrome badging on the door trims are pure Sceptre, i.e., an H (for Humber) overlaid over a sceptre (see right). The door tops on the 660 & GT were covered in a heavily textured black vinyl as can be seen here. It looked superior to the standard doors - some of which were covered in cheap fake wood grain plastic film.

Unlike Britain, where the Hunter GT was a "cheap" car, in Australia it was the top of the line model.

Click here for A mini-history of the Hunter in Australia.

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